Rolings Capital launched its official operations in Q1 2020. Starting its formation in early 2017.

The company's activity refers to managing the crypto portfolio, analyzing the markets, individual trading trainings, organizing events and supporting the development of the crypto community in Bulgaria.

As the members of our company have been using the services of Binance since the very foundation of the platform, going through all the stages of ups and downs with them, we have witnessed its continuous expansion and development, and today they offer their services worldwide and thus become a truly global organization.

We at Rolings Capital have decided to establish the Binance Bulgaria Community in order to support and develop the platform in our countries. We are convinced that Binance's presence in different geographical regions allows us to provide our customers with intelligent services and the opportunity to trade from anywhere in the world. Our commitment to providing access to high-performance software that guarantees quality performance means that our customers will have the best and most transparent commercial experience possible.

For all technical questions related to the Binance platform, users can find a solution in our Binance community.

Our main goal is to provide easy, understandable and seamless access to more and more people in Bulgaria to participate in the entry and development of a new era - blockchain technology and the crypto revolution.


Team Members


Prepares technical
and fundamental analyzes. Develops trading strategies and risk management.

Кристиан Стоянов

Founder and financial analyst


technology specialist. Develops and optimizes various types of software, takes care of the technical infrastructure.

Стефан Ковачев

Software Engineer


Performs technical analysis, market research, futures trading and CFD

Милко Зашев

A financial analyst


Performs structural analysis of DEFI protocols DAO and cross chain oracles

Симеон Стоянов

Defi Expert


Graphic designer
who takes care of the perfect vision of the company in the internet space and metaverse.

Юлиян Дочев

Graphic designer

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